PINConnector — the solution for integration of vTiger CRM and Asterisk

A smart list of missed calls
Dial groups and call queues are supported
A pop-up card of a call appears at once!

Managers work more productive

High performance
All links to the clients with the same telephone number are in one card of call
Rate the operators and keep the results in CRM

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Integration of CRM and VoIP ensures a synergistic effect. Telephone calls are the most important way to to interact with clients. We offer the automated data collection about telephone calls with the ability to listen to recorded conversations anytime that solves a lot of problems.

Node.js + MongoDB provide high performance

FreePBX supported but not required. Asterisk 13+.

No need to adapt DialPlan after connecting the PINConnector

PINConnector creates almost no load on the CRM. It sends one request per one telephone call.

You’ll never miss any call! A missed call will be created even if a client hangs up in one second after listening to the voice mail (voice messaging).

Each incoming call will have only one record of call in the CRM, even if a client communicated with several managers.

The integration will continue to function even if you amend the DialPlan.

A pop-up card of a call appears in less than a second via a web-socket.

There will be links in the pop-up card of call to every client who’s got the same telephone number as the calling one in pop-up card of call!

Smart list of calls that requires a callback.

PINConnector supports dial groups and call queues

PINConnector can use the information from CRM in the DialPlan.

The way that the integration of vTiger CRM + Asterisk (FreePBX) works

As a rule the integration based on Asterisk and CRM reminds an adventure. We know thah Asterisk has got its API (it even has three different APIs like AGI, ARI, AMI) and CRM also has got its API so why can’t we just set the data exchange about the calls?

The deal is that Asterisk considers the telephone call as different component parts: channels, extensions, events inside the channels ect., but there are no events like “the call was started” and “the call was ended” that could appear for any call and have the same sence.

CRM expects two types of events: “Show the pop-up card of a call” and “The call is over” and the pop-up card of a call should be shown as soon as possible and that’s the why PINConnector support the direct connection with the browser through the WebSocket.

Below you can find the common algorithm of how PINConnector works.

  • 1Asterisk had received the call
  • 2The telephone rang
  • 3User sees a pop-up card of the call
  • 4User picks up the phone or redirect the call
  • 5The call is over, PINconnector gets the whole statistics about the call
  • 6PINconnector tells the browser to hide the pop-up card of the call
  • 7PINconnector creates a Record in the PDX Manager module

Features of integration of CRM and VoIP

Integration of VoIP and CRM allows you to create new business processes increasing efficiency of sales department.

Call a client in CRM (Click-to-call) You don't have to dial a phone — one click on the telephone number in the Record of client is enough.

Identification of the calling person (Pop-Up Card of call) User sees a pop-up card of call that contains links to the Records of client if the telephone number of calling person is known. otherwise user can create a new lead.

User can listen to recorded calls in CRM

History of all the calls of every single client

List of missed calls in CRM

Name of the calling person in your phone We are used to seeing the calling person's telephone number on our phones but with this feature your phone will show you the calling person's name or the name of the company.

Smart redirection You can redirect the client's call right to his manager if there is a telephone number of the calling person in CRM.

quality evaluation of the CRM user's work After conversation you can ask a client to evaluate the manager's professionalism. The given rate will be included in the CRM or you can ask any specialist to listen to calls right in the CRM.

You can redirect a call to any other number in a pop-up card of a call


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Our clients

Finance consulting in Canada

The chain of additional education training centers in Saint Petersburg

The insurance company of the Federal level

franchising chain of language schools

The chain of cheap flower salons in Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Internet connection for cottage settlements

Leader of the flower delivery markets in Saint Petersburg

Ukrainian Internet service provider

Precious metals stock exchange in Germany

Flying on aircraft and skydiving

The chain of language schools in Saint-Petersburg

The price

The price of PINConnector — 500$

This price includes installing PIN Connector on your server and developing the card of the call

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